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Why Foot Soaks Are My Favorite

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Did you know that our bodies have an incredible ability to soak up essential nutrients through our skin? Nutrients ranging from Vitamins A, C, D, and E, to testosterone, estrogen, nicotine, cannabinoids, chloride, and most importantly magnesium have all been shown to be transdermally absorbed through our hair follicles, mucous membranes on our backside, via patches, oils, sprays, soaks and more!

If we are looking to maximize how much magnesium our body can soak up through our skin there are a few important things to know.

Many of the studies on transdermal mag absorption required a magnesium chloride solution that is warm, extremely concentrated, and left to soak in at least 20 minutes! The good news is you don't need 1000lbs of magnesium (Mg) in a float tank (even though float tanks are typically filled with inferior Epsom salts) to reap the benefits of transdermal mag! Soaking your feet in Vitality Salts, which uses the purest magnesium chloride may be the remedy you are looking for!

Foot soaks are my favorite way to get magnesium ions into my system for many reasons.

• It is easy to make a highly concentrated solution with just a few inches of water in a foot soak

• The bottoms of our feet are home to the largest pores in the entire body and are great for soaking up Mg

• Transdermal Mg is absorbed into the bloodstream immediately where it can be utilized by the body right away

• Transdermal absorption effectively bypasses the digestive tract where over 55% of our magnesium intake is flushed out as waste

• The bottoms of our feet are also home to nerve endings of every major organ in the body, which is why they are an extremely important pillar of the entire Chinese medical system

• Transdermal Mg leverages our body's natural failsafe mechanism cutting out any guessing on dosage, leading to possible laxative effects

• And so much more!

Soaking up magnesium through your skin is preferred to oral supplementation for many reasons! Unfortunately, many of the studies done on many oral supplements have shown to take over 9-12 months to have any impact on red blood cell (RBC) magnesium levels at all. Our RBC magnesium levels are one of the most accurate mag markers we have (just behind ionized Mg testing which is superior but can also be difficult to find). Although oral supplementation is an important tool, it is important we optimize our magnesium levels from 'all angles', leveraging oral forms, bicarbonate, nebulizers, and most importantly, topical transdermal forms!

Our friend, Dr. Mercola, is crystal clear when he emphasizes that he was not able to move the dial on his red blood cell magnesium levels until he started introducing transdermal forms. For him, that is easy having a float tank he uses regularly at his home, but fortunately, now the rest of us can leverage the magic of transdermal magnesium with regular foot soaks in Vitality Salts!

Much love and gratitude,

Max Casa

President and Founder of Max Vitality

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