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How To Nourish Your Adrenals!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Our adrenals are small, triangular-shaped glands located on top of both kidneys. These powerful glands produce dynamic hormones that regulate many essential aspects of your health. Your metabolism, blood pressure, sexual performance, immune system, response to stress, and levels of salts & blood sugar in the body, are all regulated by your adrenal glands.

Unfortunately, due to society's high-stress levels, our adrenals are becoming increasingly overworked, mineral depleted, and incapable of producing the hormones we need to thrive. At Max Vitality, we recommend taking two mineral-replenishing adrenal elixirs per day!

You can check out our favorite premade adrenal elixir here, along with some additional information on adrenals that can be found in the MVP Manual (free download available here). If you aren't looking to purchase a premade powder, we break down some simple, affordable, mineral & vitamin-rich, adrenal-revitalizing recipes for you to check out below!

It is important to know that your adrenals require a few essential minerals to function correctly but knowing which ones and how much to take is crucial if you want to keep your adrenal firing on all cylinders.

The primary minerals that our adrenals require to function are:


How much per adrenal elixir?: 200mg at 10 am and 200mg at 2 pm. Please note that daily magnesium intake should vary between 5-10mg per pound of body weight.

How does Mag help the adrenals?: Magnesium inhibits ACTH, a hormone that drives your adrenal glands to release the stress hormone cortisol. Magnesium is also known to bind to relaxing neurotransmitters, improve the quality of your sleep and improve many attributes of your biology related to feeling less stressed.


How much per adrenal elixir?: 375mg at 10 am and 375mg at 2 pm.

How does potassium help the adrenals?: Potassium helps potentiate aldosterone secretion from the adrenal cortex, which has been shown to regulate blood pressure by balancing sodium and potassium levels in your blood.


How much per adrenal elixir?: 460mg at 10 am and 460mg at 2 pm.

How does sodium help the adrenals?: Sodium helps by balancing your sodium/potassium ratio, feeding your cells, balancing pH, stimulating nerves, contracting muscles, and fighting fatigue.

•Vitamin C

How much per adrenal elixir?: 60mg at 10 am and 60mg at 2 pm.

How does vitamin C help the adrenals?: Vitamin C helps by ensuring the other minerals actually make it to the liver and ultimately enabling them to revitalize the adrenal glands.

Making sure that we are consciously nourishing our adrenals, ideally twice per day, with the proper doses of these minerals is essential if we are looking to achieve proper holistic health.

Throughout the day, our adrenal glands can become highly stressed and forced to burn through their precious mineral stores. One of my favorite ways to ensure that my adrenal glands are happy and healthy is by nourishing them with a simple and affordable recipe like the two I attached below.

Ultimately, the goal of consuming power beverages like these is to hit the following intake requirements for these three adrenal-boosting nutrients.

It is totally okay to start slow with ½ or even ¼ of a single recipe per day to allow your body to adjust. Feel free to explore and find out the dosage and formula that works for you and your specific adrenal needs.

The aim is to work up to 2 full adrenal elixirs per day, totaling ~920mg of sodium, ~750mg of potassium, and at least ~120mg of vitamin C. These elixirs should be taken at least one hour before or after meals, ideally around 10 am and 2 pm. However, ingesting even some adrenal drinks at different times is healthier than none.

We attached our two favorites, easy & affordable DIY adrenal recipes to ensure your adrenals are properly fueled. If these aren't your cup of tea, feel free to check out our favorite premade adrenal cocktail blend here.

Recipe A:

1. 8oz / 1cup of organic coconut water

  • A tremendous source of potassium (~375mg of potassium)

2. 1/4 tsp of ground Icelandic Sea salt

  • A tremendous source of sodium and 84+ other trace minerals (~300mg of sodium)

3. Two small clementines or one large orange

  • A tremendous source of the vitamin c (totaling ~300mg of wholefood vitamin C)

Recipe B:

1. 4oz of organic orange juice

  • Fresh squeezed is best, but not mandatory. Ensure your product does not use any items on the MVP Don'ts list. Orange juice is a tremendous source of wholefood vitamin C (~60mg) and potassium (~225mg).

2. 1/4tsp of Cream of Tartar

  • Cream of Tartar is typically a tremendous source of potassium, but please ensure that your brand of choice includes potassium. This recipe aims to get ~150mg of potassium from the Cream of Tartar and the remaining ~225mg from the orange juice.

3. 1/4tsp of ground Icelandic Sea Salt

  • A tremendous source of sodium (~300mg) and 84+ other trace minerals

As with all things, start slowly and work towards properly nourishing your adrenals with the minerals they use up during stressful times. As you do, your adrenal glands will be better equipped to make essential hormones, optimize your mineral levels, and perform at your best!

Much love and gratitude,

Max Casa

President and Founder of Max Vitality

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