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Meet Max

Max Casa is an accomplished, lifelong martial artist and performance coach.  Before becoming the founder of Vitality Floats, Max trained day and night, for over a decade aiming to become the next top UFC Featherweight prospect.  His drive to become the best led him down the rabbit hole of biohacking and all around performance optimization.


After countless health obstacles, Max dedicated himself to finding the easiest and most effective recovery therapy.  Max discovered float therapy, also know as sensory deprivation, hoping it would aid in his physical recovery.  He soon realized that simply lying suspended in a silent, dark, saltwater filled tank, not only healed his body, but simultaneously enhanced his mind and deepened his connection with spirit.


After traveling around the country studying the science of floating, he knew he had to help introduce others to this powerful life-changing remedy. After floating in and studying countless different pods and float pool styles, Max decided to work with a manufacturer to bring his own unique float tank design to life.  His new Vitality Floats chambers are built entirely in the USA and specifically designed to optimize healing for athletes, wellness pioneers, and anyone interested in bringing their physical, mental and spiritual health to the next level!  Max now aims to spread his knowledge on the benefits of floating in hopes to help others strengthen and balance their mind, body and spirit. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to spread our knowledge about the physical and mental benefits of self-care remedies like float therapy and transdermal magnesium absorption and make balancing your health easy and accessible to all.


Vitality Floats aims to make the process of buying a tank as painless as possible! We do this by taking care of every aspect of the setup for you! This includes delivery, installation and complete setup. Serenity Floats also offers an all inclusive “start-up kit” to give you all the tools you’ll need to clean and use your tank! Our respected team also provides professional guidance and support every step of the way!

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