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Using ancient alchemy, advanced infoceutical technology, and powerful co-factors, Vitality Salts nourishes your physical body, raises your vibe and optimizes your health.


Vitality Salts uses the highest quality magnesium chloride from the world’s purest mine which contains over 230% more magnesium than more commonly used Epsom Salt. The potent co-factors in our bath blend amplify the benefits of the magnesium in the salt by shuffling more magnesium into the cells and helping it stay in the body longer. This blend also contains enzymes that neutralize the harmful chemicals in tap water, like chlorine and fluoride. 


Your body deserves the highest quality soak solution free of harshness and full of vitality.


Vitality Salts

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  • Many of the world's salt mines are located above ground where pollution and acid rain has heavily contaminated the environment with metals like mercury.  These pollutants can weaken our immune system, along with damaging our enzymes, genes and our entire nervous system. 

    Vitality Salts uses premium magnesium chloride flakes mined from the world's purest underground mine where contamination is non-existent as the salt is totally untouched by any pollutants and impurities. 

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