At Max Vitality, we know that you want to be a healthy high-performing individual. In order to do that, it is important to invest time into your recovery and allow your mind and body to fully revitalize. 


We believe that you deserve to feel your very best every single day. That’s why we created Vitality Salts, the world’s most healing salt blend. Using ancient alchemy, advanced infoceutical technology, and powerful co-factors, Vitality Salts nourishes your physical body, raises your vibe and optimizes your health.


Our bath salts not only amplify the benefits of the salt but also contain potent co-factors that neutralize the harmful chemicals in tap water, like chlorine and fluoride. 


Your body deserves the highest quality soak solution free of harshness and full of vitality. 

BEST WAYS TO USE A healing full body bath for maximum nutrient absorption A revitalizing foot soak to leverage the largest pores in the body Pre or post workout to boost testosterone levels and enhance athletic performance  Start your day with a soak to optimize your energy levels End your day with a soak to replenish and stabilize your mineral levels Mix with water in a spray bottle to create a rejuvenating body spray


Prolonged soaking in Epsom salt increases blood magnesium concentration. Magnesium levels in humans have severely dropped in the last century primarily due to changes in agriculture and diet. Industrial farming has depleted magnesium from soil and the typical diet contains much less magnesium than that of our ancestors. 80% of the US population does not meet the US recommended dietary allowance for dietary intake of magnesium. 

Image by Pavel Neznanov


  • eases muscle aches and pains 

  • improves heart and circulatory health and lowers blood pressure

  • increases energy levels and aids with mitochondrial health 

  • flushes toxins and heavy metals from the body

  • improves nerve function by regulating electrolytes

  • relieves stress. Magnesium is necessary for the body to create an adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood elevating chemical, within the brain that creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation