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The fastest way to skyrocket your Magnesium levels

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

There has been much debate over which form of magnesium is absorbed the best through the skin & is the most effective for decades. Topical magnesium is a centerpiece of the MVP mineral optimizing protocol and this is one of our favorite ways to get in our topical Mg. Regardless of if you prefer foot soaks, shampoo or playing guess & test with oral supplements, magnesium oil made from Vitality Salts needs to be in the conversation. Try out this quick and simple recipe using your Vitality Salts to soak up magnesium all over your entire body, through your skin, and even while on the go!

How to Make Vitality Oil Recipe:

What is needed:

Vitality Oil: The How-To

Bring the water to a boil

Add the Vitality Salts and stir well until completely dissolved

Remove from heat and allow to cool, then transfer to a glass spray bottle

(Optional) add essential oils for smell or additional benefits

Spray onto the desired area

The highest impact areas to spray Vitality Salts Oil are:

• Bottoms of your feet - where the largest pores on your body are located as well as the nerve endings to every major organ in the body

• Forehead and scalp - where the most absorbable skin is on your entire body

• Chest - thanks to its direct access to your heart and vitals

• Neck and collarbone - where our vagus nerve and over 70% of our lymph nodes are located

• Belly button

• Under your armpits

I hope you enjoy this recipe and have some fun exploring the healing power of magnesium soaked up transdermally from anywhere in the world! No bathtub or foot soak tub is necessary! I am looking forward to hearing about your first lathers with Vitality Oil in the near future.

Much love and gratitude,

Max Casa

President and Founder of Max Vitality

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