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Over 250% More Powerful Than Epsom Salt

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

During an intense drought in the early 1600s, a local farmer journeyed across Epsom Common where he came across a mysterious pool of water that his dehydrated cattle refused to drink from. The water tasted bitter and after evaporation, a deposit of unique salt was left behind. Even more so, this salt had an incredible effect, it was a laxative! This became the famous Epsom salt and a primary treatment for constipation for the next 350 years.

Another magical pool, in Epsom England, formerly known as the fountain of youth, used to attract voyagers from all over the globe aiming to soak up some of the sea's incredible nutrients through the skin. Soaks in the Epsom salt found in pools like the Epsom Sea have been known to heal conditions ranging from eczema to asthma, heart disease, and everything in between.

The benefits of Epsom Salt, aka magnesium sulfate, have been well-known and well-documented for hundreds of years.

Nearly all of the benefits of Epsom salt soaks can be attributed to its high concentration of magnesium. Epsom salt releases magnesium ions when it is soaked or bathed in. Magnesium ions reduce sensations of pain and inflammation by deeply relaxing the muscles along with positively impacting the way the nervous system detects pain. The healing properties of these magnesium ions are the main reason why people have been leveraging Epsom salts to accelerate recovery post-workout, relax after a long day on their feet, and help them fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer.

In the float therapy industry, Epsom salts have been used for over 40 years to help keep floaters afloat while helping them soak up magnesium at the same time.

After years of floating and soaking in magnesium sulfate, you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Magnesium Chloride has over 230% more magnesium by volume than Epsom salt, plus the macro-mineral chloride, making it far superior in terms of systemic healing!

Not only does mag chloride have far more magnesium, but it is also accompanied by chloride, which is another essential macro-mineral that is extremely important in helping regulate blood pressure along with our body's ph.

There are many reasons why magnesium chloride is a centerpiece in our MVP and why I always choose magnesium chloride over Epsom salt to soak in. When we are talking about magnesium chloride, it is incredibly important to note that not all magnesium chloride is created equally.

Unlike magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride is one of the only forms of magnesium that has actually been shown in various studies to be absorbed through the skin. In the photo below, magnesium ions (shown in blue) are being absorbed through the hair follicles of the

skin after magnesium chloride is applied topically.

We can all agree that magnesium chloride is a powerful and essential mineral. Unfortunately, nearly all of the magnesium chloride on Earth is mined from salt pools above Earth's surfaces, which have become increasingly tainted with acid rain and pollution for decades, and as a result, is laced with harmful chemicals like mercury and arsenic! Bathing in magnesium chloride that is not entirely pure, will do more harm than good.

My team and I spent years compiling research on the purest sources of magnesium chloride, ranked them, and found the most pristine Magnesium Chloride mine on the planet, located nearly a mile beneath Earth's surface, that is totally untouched by acid rain or pollutants of any kind.

The Magnesium chloride found in our Vitality Salts is sourced from the purest source on the planet.

With Vitality Salts, you can ensure that you were soaking in the purest magnesium chloride!

And that's not all! Check out our blog on magnesium's powerful co-factors to learn more about some simple things found in Vitality Salts that will help maximize your magnesium absorption and skyrocket your RBC mag levels. In addition, check out the Max recommends page for a list of everything that I recommend for optimizing your mineral levels and your overall holistic health.

Much love and gratitude,

Max Casa

President and Founder of Max Vitality

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