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How to Make Magnesium Butter

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Magnesium and butter are two of my favorite things. Magnesium made into butter, to be rubbed on the skin, is an absolute lifesaver! I have explored all kinds of highly sought-after skin topicals to help with my often dry, itchy skin resulting from days spent at salty Hawaiian beaches. I finally found a recipe that keeps my skin super hydrated and healthy, all while delivering the macro-minerals that my body needs to recover & perform at its best. Try this recipe out, and let me know how it works for you and your fam!


•1/2 cup of Vitality Salts oil (see our mag oil blog here, to learn how to make the perfect ratio of Vitality Salts to water)

•1/2 cup of firm coconut oil

•2 heaping Tbsp of cocoa butter

•2 heaping Tbsp of shea butter

•(Optional) 200 mg of a THC/CBD mix cannabis oil (legal in most places now) for pain relief and acts as a preservative.


•I personally use all organic ingredients, but that is up to you!

•Simply blend in a Magic Bullet or food processor and enjoy!

This blend is super soft & silky and does not itch! I have also experimented by adding some of my favorite essential oils like frankincense, helichrysum, and cypress, for healing and circulation effects. Cooling oils like peppermint and wintergreen are also great for deeper pain relief and relaxation. My personal batches use the recipe above and have all worked mag-nificently!

Let me know if you get a chance to try this out and how it works for you!

Much love and gratitude,

Max Casa

President and Founder of Max Vitality

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