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Meet Max Casa

President & Founder of Max Vitality

What’s up, I am a world class, life-long martial artist, performance coach, medicine man and the President & Founder of Max Vitality.  I developed the Max Vitality Protocol (MVP), by leveraging the same frameworks I used and established during my own coaching and high performance journey.  After over a decade of coaching thousands of elite athletes, we have fine tuned our process to help you maximize your performance & transcend dis-ease as effectively as possible by optimizing your mineral levels. Book a call with me to customize a health game plan that is personalized to you and your goals!



Making mistakes are unpleasant and inevitable.  From my 13+ years of teaching, coaching and being coached, I have learned quite a few invaluable lessons along the way, especially in the realm of physical, mental and spiritual evolution.  Everyone's biology and circumstances are unique.  With 1-on-1 coaching, we will be able to dive deep and sculpt a more deliberate and individualized game plan on how to actualize your specific goals.  If you are looking to get to the core of what is underlying your dis-ease and how we can accelerate your holistic health using a blend of mineral balancing, biohacking and several other lesser known techniques that I picked up from my shamanic trainings. Book a call below, I am here to help!

In our one-on-one phone or Zoom consult, I will answer your most problematic questions on all things nutrition, health, spirituality and all around life.  Simply book your call and I will customize a more personal approach to your healing!  I will also happily reply to a few follow up emails with any clarification you may need.  Following the call, I will send you over all of my notes, relevant links and recommendations to things referenced on the call.  I am also happy to go over any lab results with you if you send them in advance to your call.  

After you purchase the block of time, you will get a invite to select a time option that works for you. To prepare for our call it helps to have the following ready:

        • 3 objectives/goals for the call that you would like help with

        • A quiet space that is free of distractions

        • Be open to potentially new and/or alternative, holistic ideas & perspectives

That’s it.  I will walk you through the rest on our call and help you maximize your vitality and holistic health!

Malia C, HI

I first heard Max on Matt Blackburn’s podcast a few years back and he has helped me transform so many areas of my life since, and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has taught me. His coaching and guidance on my health journey has been life changing!

Ryan J, MA

Max is a beacon of light in this confusing world of health. Without his touch, I’d likely still be without direction and battling severe Eczema. His unique approach to holistic health helped me look through my symptoms and heal the underlying cause of my ailments. Thanks to Max and his personalized guidance, I have been able to take the necessary steps forward in reaching my physical goals!

James S, HI

Max’s guidance and unconditional support has changed the way I take care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I was struggling to find a coach that could help me balance my mind, body, AND spirit until I met Max. Forever grateful for you 🙏🏼

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