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The Importance of Minerals on Holistic Health

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Mineral and nutrient deficiencies are extremely common today and prevent our biology from functioning optimally by severely limiting its activity.

Minerals are the foundational backbone of not only our ATP production but also our hormones, proteins, biochemicals, enzymes, metabolism, electrolytes, heartbeat, mind, body, spirit, the life that we live and so much more!

At Max Vitality, we believe that at the root of all disease is merely an energy or ATP deficiency in the tissue!  

The research that supports the Max Vitality Protocol (MVP) shows that optimizing your mineral levels will naturally up-regulate your body's mitochondrial ATP/energy production and as a result, help mitigate virtually all dis-ease in your mind, body, and spirit. 

Vitamins often steal the spotlight in the health world but as you dig deep down under the hood, you’ll learn that the 102 minerals in the human body have a much greater impact than many of the ‘vitamins’ that are commonly talked about.

I put the term “vitamins” in quotes because many of you would be shocked to learn how certain influential vitamin-pushing entrepreneurs were able to pull some impressive strings to get their 'vitamins, more accurately called hormones (referring to hormone D here) labeled as essential ‘vitamins’, but we’ll save that for a future blog.

Minerals on the other hand are absolutely essential for our bodies, minds, and spirit to function optimally.

Our minerals are not just the foundation of dozens of aspects of our physical health, but also of our mental/emotional, and spiritual health! Someone whose minerals are dysregulated or who is deficient in key minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, zinc, or any of the many others we will break down in the coming blogs, is severely handicapped in countless ways.

With large mineral deficiencies being commonplace on our planet, education is the key to prevention and the ultimate reversal of this dis-ease.  We do not promote guessing by funneling fists full of macro-minerals down your throat, instead, we guide you through a more deliberate approach to balancing your mineral levels.  Our MVP mineral optimization system helps people cut out the toxins & situations that 'bump away at' your mineral levels, as noted in our Dos & Donts list, while strategically supplementing minerals that you are low in to bring your mineral ratios into harmony.  

When your mineral ratios are in check, your body is more capable of creating ATP/energy and as a result, healing the underlying cause of your symptoms and dis-ease.

Whether we are looking to upgrade our physical pillars of health including moving, sleeping, hydrating, etc., or how we are dealing with low vibe mental/emotional or spiritual dysfunctions, our mineral levels are the key indicators of how effectively we can perform these tasks.

In my experience, after working with thousands of patients, the results are clear, when we take someone whose minerals are on the fray and we look at their thought patterns, it is no coincidence that they are oftentimes overflown with lots of anxious, stressed out, and fearful thoughts.

The great Dr. David Hawkins was able to demonstrate that everything has a frequency including our thoughts. Stacking that knowledge with what we know from the law of attraction, our thoughts have a profound impact on our external world.

These stressful events, further deplete their minerals, quickly resulting in more disease and mental/emotional chaos. Unfortunately, much of the western world is currently stuck in this cyclical feedback loop cycle of stress and mineral depletion.

Fortunately, you can raise the vibration of not just your thoughts but also your entire life by consciously optimizing your minerals with the MVP! You will get a thorough understanding from our coming newsletters but if you are looking to take a deep dive, definitely download our MVP Guide and begin implementing it into your life!

Of all of the minerals, one is not more important than the other but there is one master mineral that is intimately connected with nearly all of the others, Magnesium.

In our coming MVP newsletter, we will take a deep dive into why magnesium is one of the most important minerals for us to focus on and what you can do to begin topping off your magnesium levels immediately!

Much love and gratitude,

Max Casa

President and Founder of Max Vitality

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