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Creative Ways To Use Your Vitality Salts

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Our MVPs have come up with a bunch of cool and creative ways to use their favorite Vitality Salts blend. Whether it is soaking up the powerful magnesium ions through your feet, scalp, or even in small oral doses, we can skyrocket our mag levels in many ways. I am a huge advocate for hitting our mag levels from 'all sides.' Below, I break down some of my favorite ways to use Vitality Salts and the most effective ways I have found to rapidly increase magnesium levels in the body!

Please consult your doctor before using any of these recipes. The information contained in this blog does not replace medical advice.

Foot soaks: Soaking your feet🦶🏼in Vitality is powerful because the bottoms of your feet are home to the most prominent pores in the entire body and the nerve endings to every major organ in the body. This is one of the many reasons the bottoms of feet are a centerpiece of the entire Chinese medical system. Another cool thing about foot soaks is that they are less of a commitment than a full bath, and it is much easier to get an extra concentrated mag solution, using much less salt than a bath!

Full body baths: Baths 🛁 are a great way to soak up magnesium transdermally through the skin while also soaking it up through the mucous membranes on your backside! Get the best of both worlds with a full-body dip! Be sure to get your head under to leverage the most absorbable part of your entire body, the top of your head!

Mag oil: If you haven't yet read our blog on Magnesium Oil, that is a must-read! Also, mixing magnesium with water as a transdermal body oil spray is a great way to hydrate the skin and soak up magnesium when you're on the go!

Magnesium alcohol: I was intrigued when I first heard about mag-a-hol a few years back. Today, I always have some on my nightstand and carry extra around in my gym bag. This concoction is similar to magnesium oil but has a serious kick to help get magnesium deeper into the bones and maximize absorption. Whether you want to up your mag or recover from a challenging workout, this mag-a-hol recipe is a must-try!

Shampoo: Our scalps are the most absorbent part of our entire body and are an important place to focus on, especially when we are talking about upping our magnesium levels! Finding a quality shampoo free of harmful chemicals like red-40, blue-5, natural flavors, sulfates, or even just citric acid alone is hard enough nowadays. I am always extremely mindful of what I put in my hair and on my head, even if it is just for a 'quick rinse .'I started using a mix of Vitality Salts with water and some aloe as my daily shampoo last year, and my hair has been thriving ever since! Not only is my hair infinitely stronger than ever before, but it is also far thicker and growing much faster. Check out this shampoo recipe to make an easy, epic, super healthy, and mineral-rich shampoo out of your Vitality Salts!

Magnesium Butter: Making a thicker magnesium cream to use topically on your skin comes in handy often. Not only is magnesium butter super hydrating, but it is also a great way to soak up magnesium all day long without needing a tub of water. Check out this exciting magnesium butter recipe here for a topical that hydrates like nothing else!

Float Tank: Adding Vitality Salts to your float tank is the best way to revitalize and optimize your float solution! We typically recommend starting with a few bags per float tank and working up from there. Just be sure to add a new bag every month to maintain any loss of co-factors with floaters as they leave the tank post-float.

I want to emphasize that the two recipes below do not have much research behind them, nor are they recommended with Vitality Salts, as part of the MVP Protocol. We know some people use our salts with these methods but do not recommend these practices. However, I will add that nebulization and consumption of mag chloride & Epsom salts have been used successfully in holistic centers for decades.

Nebulized Vitality Salts: A nebulizer is a small machine that turns liquid medicine into a mist. I am a huge advocate for nebulizing magnesium chloride as it is a great way to get magnesium directly into the lungs and tissues of the respiratory system, where it can be absorbed by the body and used to treat mineral imbalances & inflammation. Dr. Sircus has been using the recipe of 1 tsp of mag chloride per 100mL of water - to heal his patients holistically for decades. I do not nebulize or recommend nebulizing Vitality Salts primarily because of the trace mineral Boron, which, when inhaled in dust form (different from nebulization), has been labeled as a mild respiratory irritant in moderate doses. Nebulized mag chloride, on the other hand, is something I strongly recommend. Check out this article below for more info on nebulizing mag chloride!

Small Oral Doses of Vitality Salts: Although some people consume small amounts of Vitality Salts to get their daily dose of oral mag and co-factors, this is not something I practice nor recommend. All of our ingredients are of the highest purity, but this is still not something I practice. I choose to primarily get my magnesium and co-factors through my skin and allow my body's intelligent natural fail-safe mechanism to do its thing!

How many of these mag-nificent options have you tried? Which one are you going to try out next? Let me know in the comments below, and I look forward to hearing about your new Vitality Salts creations soon!

*Please do not try consuming or nebulizing Vitality Salts without first consulting with your doctor*

Much love and gratitude,

Max Casa

President and Founder of Max Vitality

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